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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ranbir Kaleka Preview: Delhi

A show to catch in Delhi is Ranbir Kaleka's Reading Room at Nature Morte. There are 4 new works on view in the solo (a much-awaited showing after well over a decade) which closes on Saturday the 18th.

Itinerant Librarian's Dilemma of Choice and Refusal
c. 2009, Acrylic and oil on canvas with two wood wing-doors with acrylic mirrors
center image: 36 x 24 in side doors: 27 x 13 in. each

The works exhibit a blend of retrospect, deliverance, pain, liberation and whimsy against a phantasmagorical landscape. The protagonists in the larger works seem to be endowed with prestidigitatious talents and appear entirely capable of lofting unsuspecting viewers into the depicted Delphic panoramas. The works seem to lead the viewer on, inviting her/him to step into their large-scale bounds which are laden with deliciously unexpected (sometimes-wicked, always-interesting) elements, which might emerge as mnemonics of a fantastical bygone for some/many in the audience.

The work which held me in a state of thorough rapture is Ochre Dust in a Delusional Paradise. A few private minutes with this canvas should leave you suitably mesmerized.

Reading Man
New works by Ranbir Kaleka
till April 18th 2009
Nature Morte
New Delhi
10.00 am - 6.00 pm
The show will open at Bose Pacia, New York on May 14th and continue till June 27th.


1 comment:

Arvind Vijaymohan said...

Eratta: The title of Ranbir Kaleka's exhibition has been incorrectly listed as 'Reading Room' in the opening line. The correct title is 'Reading Man', as suggested in the information listing at the close of the post. A